Welcome to Texas Clearwater Pools - We Are a Full Service Swimming Pool Maintenance Company Proudly Serving the Entire Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex

Texas Clearwater Pools is a complete swimming pool cleaning, service, maintenance and repair company. We offer weekly and bi-monthly swimming pool cleaning and chemical service for both chlorine and salt water swimming pools as well as scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance visits.


"Let us take your swimming pool from green to clean."


Texas Clearwater Pools offers a wide range of routine service plans and repair options for ALL budgets and ALL pool types.





  • Weekly and Bi-Monthly Pool Cleaning Service

  • Chemicals Only Pool Cleaning Service

  • Full Service and Cleaning Package for Your Pool

  • Initial Complete Pool Clean-Up and Equipment Inspection

  • One Time Pool Clean-Up and Vacuum

  • Severe Pool Clean-Up

  • Pool Algae Removal and Preventative Monthly Treatment

  • Pool Equipment Repairs

  • Pool Filter Cleans

  • Pool Retiling/Replacement of Missing Tiles

  • Pool Remodel/Replaster/Patching Plaster

  • Pool Heater Repair and Installation

  • Pool Acid Washes

  • Complete Pool Drain and Clean

  • Vacation Service for Your Pool



About Us


When you are with Texas Clearwater Pools, you can rest assured knowing that your swimming pool is completely taken care of. We offer superior service at an excellent value. We are family owned and operated and therefore we take true pride in satisfying our customers and ensuring that we will be your pool service company for years to come. Keep this in mind when you are looking for a service company for your swimming pool. One other important factor to consider when choosing your pool service company is your Security. Many pool service companies will send out different pool cleaners on different days leaving you unsure who is coming to your home or when your pool will be cleaned. With Texas Clearwater Pools, you will know your pool cleaner, you will have a set day each week that we will clean your pool and you will have the ease of knowing that you can contact your pool cleaner at any time with any questions or concerns. Not many pool service companies can offer you that kind of security and personal service. You will not find a pool company that works harder for you and your satisfaction than Texas Clearwater Pools.

We Are Your Complete Pool And Spa Service Company.